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Date added: 9th December 2013 GROSSULAR GARNET var HESSONITE

No. 2703


Canada » Jeffrey Mine
4.5cm x 4.3cm x 2.2cm

A large central wine coloured gemmy crystal of Hessonite Garnet displaying very lustrous faces with faint growth pattens. A stunning feature of the specimen from the Jeffrey Mine, Quebec, Canada. The major crystals shows excellent development of the dodecahedral faces, nicely truncated by a three armed trapezohedron. The main crystal is surrounded by a large number of just as gemmy Hessonite Garnet crystals. A fine specimen from the mine.

Date added: 9th December 2013 ELBAITE TOURMALINE

No. 2704


Brazil » Cruzeiro Mine
8.6cm x 2.1cm x 1.7cm

A brilliant tri-coloured crystal specimen of Elbaite Tourmaline from probably Brazil's most celebrated gem Tourmaline mines, namely the Cruzeiro Mine, Minas Gerais. The crystal is a fine specimen standing to a height of 8.6cm, with a two further crystals in parallel position, with small Elbaite crystals grown at oblique angles to the main crystals. The Elbaite Tourmaline has a central phantom coloured translucent/gemmy pink, sheathed in a gemmy sea blue-green. Excellently topped off at the termination by a deep Blue cap. A fine specimen of Elbaite from the mine.

Date added: 9th December 2013 NATIVE GOLD Nugget

No. 2711


Australia » Western Australia
7.3cm x 3.5cm x 1.9cm

An impressive Native Gold weighing in at a rare 230 grams (8.11 oz) nett, from the state of Western Australia, Australia. A fine bright yellow metallic gold colour is seen to the naturally smooth rounded elongated appearance. Areas of red-brown Goethite are partly enclosed by the Native Gold. A great specimen of Native Gold from Australia.

Date added: 9th December 2013 NATIVE SILVER and NATIVE COPPER

No. 2710


USA » Houghton Co.
9.4cm x 4.5cm x 2.8cm

A very fine classic specimen of a Native Silver/Native Copper "Halfbreed", from the Copper mining area of Houghton County, Michigan, USA. An excellent branching formation of bright Native Silver has formed on a copper-red Native Copper base with pale green Epidote, white Calcite and a light grey rock matrix. On closer examination the surface of the branching Native Silver is mostly covered in a druse of Native Silver crystals. A great "halfbreed" specimen from Michigan. The specimen comes with a purpose made base.

Date added: 9th December 2013 ELBAITE TOURMALINE with QUARTZ

No. 2706


USA » Himalaya Mine
9cm x 7.5cm x 6.5cm

A beautiful lustrous pink Elbaite Tourmaline from a classic Californian location at the Himalaya Mine. The gemmy to translucent Elbaite crystal measures to 6.7cm tall, with striations parallel to the prisum faces. Pleasing set against a slightly smoky inter grown sharp gemmy crystals of Quartz. To one side of the Elbaite crystal is a creamy white part formed crystal of Feldspar. The base of the Elbaite crystal can be seen a part formed crystal, with a crystal of Elbaite nestled in a valley in the Quartz. A pleasing pink colour with many gemmy areas in seen to the Elbaite, the main crystal displaying a light green 2mm band around the flat pinacoid termination. A terrific specimen from this elaborated pegmatite gem mine.

Date added: 9th December 2013 SPESSARTINE GARNET with QUARTZ

No. 2712


China » Wushan Spessertine Mine
9.5cm x 7.5cm x 6cm

Specimens from the Wushan Spessartine Mine, have become Chinese classics. The excellent specimen we have is a particularly fine one. Depicting three lustrous prismatic spires of light smoky Quartz rising from a bubbly mat of inter grown gemmy orange Spessartine Garnet. The gemmy to translucent Quartz has slightly curving prism faces with light striations on them, and are sharply terminated.  The matrix is a creamy coloured Feldspar. A great specimen from the mine. The specimen comes with a purpose made base.

Date added: 9th December 2013 BERYL var. MORGANITE with TOURMALINE

No. 2708


Brazil » Urucum Mine
10.5cm x 9cm x 8.3cm

An excellent large pink crystal of Beryl gem variety Morganite from the Urucum Pegmatite Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil. A fine crystal of Morganite very gemmy, measuring to 7.5cm x 4.5cm x 3.7cm. Standing atop a creamy white bladed matrix of Cleavelandite, associated with rod-like crystals of very deep green Tourmaline. A part formed gemmy crystal of Morganite can be seen on the underside of the specimen. Terrific specimen of gem Morganite from the mine.

Date added: 9th December 2013 ELBAITE TOURMALINE with CLEAVELANDITE and QUARTZ

No. 2705


Pakistan » Stak Nala
8cm x 7.3cm x 6.7cm

Beautifully gemmy pink terminated striated crystals of Elbaite Tourmaline display to form an excellent aesthetic specimen, from the Stak Nala area of Pakistan. Three faced terminated crystals of Elbaite with a body of translucent/gemmy green colour are seen partly inter grown measuring to 6.2cm tall. The Elbaite Tourmalines are associated with a snow white bladed crystal matrix of Cleavelandite. A large three faced terminated colourless crystal of translucent/gemmy Quartz is seen on the underside of the specimen, with a further two Quartz crystals on the Cleavelandite. A neat specimen from Pakistan.

Date added: 9th December 2013 SMITHSONITE

No. 2718


USA » Kelly Mine
12.7cm x 8cm x 6.8cm

A fine specimen of classic Kelly Mine Smithsonite, displaying the over all form to advantage. The Smithsonite has the much sought after delightful translucent silky sky blue colour. A characteristic bubbly surface composed of inter grown rounded crystal clusters is apparent, with individual crystals displaying a bow-tie habit. On the reverse of the specimen two areas of clusters of lenticular Calcite crystals has formed on the Smithsonite. A central thin matrix of typical biscuit to deep brown colour completes the specimen of classic Kelly mine Smithsonite. The specimen comes with a purpose made base

Date added: 9th December 2013 ANDRADITE GARNET

No. 2719


Mali » Region De Kayes
6.5cm x 5.5cm x 3cm

A great specimen of Andradite Garnet in large crystals from the seldom seen location of the Kayes Region of Mali. The well formed Andradite on the specimen depicts a group of inter grown crystals with classic Garnet habit, showing major dodecahedral faces truncated by the trapezoid. A deep green lustrous colour is seen, with flashes of a lighter iridescent green. A fine specimen from the location. The specimen comes with a purpose made base

Date added: 9th December 2013 PROUSTITE

No. 2707


Chile » Chanarcillo
5.4cm x 4.5cm x 2.8cm

A fabulous specimen of the silver sulfosalt Proustite, from the Chanarcillo mining area of Chile. The Proustite we have displays a fine array of inter grown and divergent crystals.  The specimen presents excellent spire like crystal form measuring to 0.9cm tall, from a cellular matrix of the same mineral. The Proustite crystals have a stunning maroon red colour, with pleasing flashes of bright red. A very fine specimen of Proustite from the area.

Date added: 9th December 2013 BERYL var AQUAMARINE with FLUORITE and MUSCOVITE

No. 2702


Pakistan » Chumar Bakhoor
13cm x 10.5cm x 7cm

An excellent Pegmatite combination specimen, displaying to advantage four mineral species. Gemmy to translucent  inter grown almost sceptre-like crystals group of pastel blue Aquamarine are a fine feature of the specimen, crystals measuring to 5.5cm tall. A well developed crystal of gemmy light green, with a purple zone Fluorite presented to one side of the specimen., with a predominately octahedral habit measuring to 3cm on edge, with some cubic and dodecahedral faces present. Excellent hexagonal crystals of silvery lustre Muscovite largely form in two interconnected ribbons along two edges of the specimen. A creamy white druse of Albite crystals are the supporting matrix for the three other minerals. The specimen is from the Pegmatite rich area of Chumar Bakhoor, Pakistan.

Date added: 9th December 2013 BERYL var AQUAMARINE with MUSCOVITE

No. 2715


Pakistan » Shigar Valley
12cm x 6.6cm x 5.5cm

A beautiful single crystal of the gem Beryl variety Aquamarine from the Shigar Valley pegmatite area of the Shigar Valley, Pakistan. The large crystal of Aquamarine measures to 5.7cm tall, and is mostly a gemmy pastel blue with very lustrous faces. A quirky bouffant like arrangement of inter grown platy crystals of Muscovite sits above and to the back of the Aquamarine crystals, and makes for a pleasing aesthetic arrangement of the two minerals. The specimen comes with a purpose made base.

Date added: 9th December 2013 RHODONITE with CALCITE on FRANKLINITE

No. 2714


USA » Furnace Mine
7.7cm x 3.9cm x 4.8cm

A seldom seen single well developed crystal of Rhodonite measuring to 2 x 1.5 x 0.6cm, is the feature of this specimen. From the mineralogically well regarded location of the Furnace Mine, New Jersey, USA. The feature crystal of Rhodonite has a broad tabular form with beveled corners, and a pleasing lustrous bubble gum pink colour. Creamy translucent cleavages of Calcite are seen to the sides and back of the Rhodonite crystal. There are also further areas of inter grown pink Rhodonite crystals. The supporting matrix displays a lustrous black granular Franklinite shot through with pink veins of contrasting Rhodonite. The Franklinite shows a druse of micro-crystals around the base of the Rhodonite crystals. A fine crystal specimen of Rhodonite from the mine. The specimen comes with a purpose made base

Date added: 9th December 2013 DIOPTASE on CALCITE

No. 2717


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
6.5cm x 5.8cm x 2.2cm

A terrific sparkling inter grown druse of rich green gemmy Dioptase makes a fine specimen for display, from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. The crystals of Dioptase mostly measuring to around 1-2mm are seen to overgrown the sharp rhombic faces of Calcite crystals measuring to 1.3cm on edge. There is evidently a second phase of Calcite formation preferentially on two of the Calcite faces and over the Dioptase. The second deposition of Calcite is also seen as a raised plinth on the edges of the pre-existing minerals. A neat specimen from the Tsumeb Mine. The specimen comes with a purpose made base.

Date added: 9th December 2013 ANATASE on QUARTZ

No. 2716


Norway » Hardangervidda
9.5cm x 9.5cm x 7.5cm

It is a long time since we've had such a classic and tremendous specimen of Anatase on Quartz of this caliber, from the archetypal location of Hardangervidda, Norway. The specimen is a fine array of glassy terminated gemmy Quartz crystals, a fine central crystals measuring to 7.4cm tall pleasingly dominates the specimen. The Quartz crystals are liberally flushed with excellently formed crystals of metallic steel blue Anatase, measuring to 1.1cm. The crystals of Anatase are mostly double terminated bipyramids with striated faces. A marvelous specimen from this classic site. The specimen comes with a purpose made base.

Date added: 3rd December 2013 CERUSSITE Reticulated Crystal Habit

No. 2713

CERUSSITE Reticulated Crystal Habit

Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
6.8cm x 6.5cm x 5.5cm

A gorgeous specimen of Cerussite from probably the most celebrated specimen producing mine in the world, namely the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. A Cerussite specimen that displays to advantage the classic Reticulated Crystal Habit that the mine is so well known for. Branching crystal arms of the Cerussite measuring to 3cm radiating from the center of the specimen. A characteristic colourless to white colour is seen with many of the reticulated crystal arms gemmy to translucent. A small cluster of grey Anglesite crystals is at the back of the specimen. A classic Cerussite from the Tsumeb Mine. The specimen comes with a purpose made base

Date added: 3rd February 2012 HEMATITE and ANDRADITE

No. 121


South Africa » Wessels Mine
7cm x 5.5cm x 4cm

A classic Wessel's combination of Hematite and Andradite Garnet creating a stunning specimen. Large chunky tabular crystals of Hematite, with well formed hexagonal shape and super bright lustre, create an aesthetic arrangement. Bright red Andradrite crystals have preferentially grown on one side of the Hematites, nicely framing each crystal in a sparkling druse. Found in the early 1980s, this is great specimen with superb aesthetics.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 WULFENITE

No. 123


Morocco » Touissit
10.8cm x 8.5cm x 6cm

A WONDERFUL Wulfenite, one of the best known from Touissit. The delicate yet razor sharp crystals form bright yellow lustrous squares with beveled edges, framing the cavity. In places the crystals are translucent. The largest crystal measures 1.8cm width. A large display specimen, this Wulfenite creates a serious impact.

Please click on the main photo to see the image pop up in full.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 SERANDITE

No. 128


Canada » Poudrette Quarry
5cm x 3.8cm x 1.8cm

A wonderful Serandite specimen from Canada. This specimen features several crystals in parallel growth with fantastic high lustre and the best salmon pink colour which just glows in person. The Serandite is accompanied by black needles of Aegerine and is partially overgrown by small secondary crystals of Serandite in parallel growth. This creates a paler frame around the feature crystal which itself measures 2.7 x 2.2 cm. A stunning and rare mineral, a super display!

Date added: 3rd February 2012 Native Silver

No. 2842

Native Silver

Norway » Kongsberg Mine
5.1cm x 3.5cm x 2cm

A sculpture Native Silver from the famed Kongsberg Mine. The Silver forms thick ropy growth, intertwinned with itself and white Calcite, with some crystal formation seen. The natural patina adds to the classic feel of this piece - a desirable specimen!

Please click on the large photograph to allow the image to pop up to full size.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 PYROMORPHITE

No. 130


USA » Bunker Hill Mine
9.5cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm

What a fabulous specimen - the photos speak for themselves. Huge lustrous crystals of the classic burnt orange colour form hexagonal tapered crystals in hoppered and stacked growth. The terminations of the crystals are a matt pale yellow, accentuating the aesthetic arrangement. The largest crystal measures over 2cm in size! A superb specimen that would fit in a top end collection, being one of the very best (and largest) Pyromorphites from Bunker Hill of this habit and colour we have seen.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 GREENOCKITE and PECTOLITE

No. 135


Germany » Andesite Quarry
8.5cm x 5.6cm x 3cm

A huge hexagonal crystal of yellow-brown Greenockite (measuring 5 x 4mm) on matrix accompanied by a large white spray of Pectolite. Greenockite is a very rare mineral, and the world's best specimens have been found at the Andesine Quarry. This came from a small find about 20 years ago, and this is definitely one of best.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 GRATONITE

No. 3143


Peru » Cerro De Pasco
4cm x 3.4cm x 2.5cm

A super aesthetic specimen of Gratonite on matrix, featuring three clusters of radiating crystals in Chrysanthemum-like bursts. Individual crystals are well formed and blocky, measuring to 2mm. Gratonite is a rare Lead, Arsenic Sulphosalt, and this is the type location for the mineral, first discovered in 1939. A choice display specimen of this rare mineral.

Date added: 3rd February 2012 NATIVE SILVER

No. 129


Germany » Pohla
7.5cm x 5.5cm x 2cm

A stunning Native Silver from a classic German location also known for its Amber-coloured Barytes. The Silver forms lustrous, finely crystallised dendritic growth in magnificent fern fronds and feathers reaching over 4cm in length. This specimen is rich and showy, with fantastic detail, like a fractal of crystals under the loupe. A must have for any Silver or German mineral collection!

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Date added: 3rd February 2012 ULLMANNITE

No. 1442


Germany » Ramsbeck
4.2cm x 4cm x 1.5cm

A rare specimen of Ullmannite featuring a large crystal measuring just over 1cm. The Ullmannite occurs as a cluster of crystals, standing proud of the matrix. The crystals are metallic grey, and cubic in shape with slightly curved stepped growth. Ullmannite is a rare Nickel Sulphide and this is a nice big crystal!

Date added: 2nd February 2012 ACANTHITE

No. 122


Morocco » Imiter Mine
12.8cm x 7cm x 3.8cm

Acanthite from Morocco has been one of the great new finds in the last decade with hundreds of specimens coming on the market since the mid 2000s. This specimen has the nicest form we have seen, with an aesthetic arrangement of clusters of intergrown octahedral crystals around the edges of the matrix. The crystals are sharply formed, and the largest measures to 2.3cm. It almost has a festive star on a christmas tree apearance!

Please click on the main photo to see it in full pop up mode.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 KESTERITE on MUSCOVITE

No. 124


China » Mt Xuebaoding
8cm x 5.5cm x 4cm

A fabulous Kesterite from China, featuring a large cluster of crystals perched on pearly booklets of Muscovite. Most Kesterite specimens feature a single crystal or a small cluster of only a few crystals, but this specimen is impressive for such a fine grouping measuring to over 4cm across. Superb!

Date added: 2nd February 2012 ANTIMONY

No. 125


Canada » Lake George Antimony Mine
1.8cm x 1.8cm x 1cm

A fantastic Antimony specimen from the famous 1988 find at Lake George. Several well formed crystals are intergrown in a tight cluster, with a silvery colour and frosty lustre. Lake George first produced fantastic Antimony specimens in the 1880s, and then a century later a very limited find of 22 specimens were collected in November 1988. Large Antimony specimens have only been discovered at a few locations worldwide, and this is one of the world class specimens.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 MATLOCKITE

No. 126


England » Bage Mine
4.7cm x 4.2cm x 2cm

A superb Matlockite specimen featuring a ball of crystals perched on Baryte and Galena matrix. We have never before seen this form of Matlockite with a rounded ball-like cluster of bladed crystals. The Matlockite is pale yellow and highly lustrous, and the ball measures 1 x 1.3 cm. This specimen dates to late 1800s, making for a historic, aesthetic and rare display.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 COBALTITE

No. 127


Sweden » Riddarhyttan
5cm x 4.4cm x 3.7cm

A bright Cobaltite crystal in matrix from the classic occurence in Sweden. The feature crystal measures 12mm across, with high silvery lustre and well formed crystal faces. The Cobaltite is still partly embedded in matrix. A lovely and classic rarity.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 ARGYRODITE

No. 3453


Germany » Himmelsfurst Mine
4.5cm x 3.4cm x 1.7cm

Argyrodite is one of the rarest and most collectible Silver Sulphosalts. It was first discovered in 1886 at Himmelsfurst and when this new mineral was analysed it led to the discovery of the element Germanium (as Argyrodite is Ag8GeS). The Argyrodite from Himmelsfurst commonly forms botyroidal crystalline masses, and this specimen presents an actually quite aesthetic form, with good crystallisation seen. A very rare and a historic specimen.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 SERANDITE and ANALCIME

No. 137


Canada » Poudrette Quarry
6.5cm x 6cm x 3.5cm

A killer Serandite specimen, one of the best we have seen. The rich salmon orange-pink colour of the Serandite just vibrates in person. The Serandite forms a large complex crystal 6cm tall with stepped grow, and cascading down the centre are bright white Analcime ball and elongate Natrolite. The overall aesthetics of the specimen and the combination of the minerals are superb, and combined with the best colour make this one of the finest Serandite specimens we have seen. A classic Canadian rarity!

Please click on the main photograph for the image to pop up to full size.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 PHENAKITE with QUARTZ

No. 120


China » Jinlong Hill
9cm x 8.2cm x 6.5cm

A particularly stunning specimen featuring a gemmy Phenakite crystal nestled at the base of a large Quartz crystal. This is the only specimen we have seen like this - from a location that is instead known for world class Helvite crystals - this specimens is in a world of its own with exceptional aesthetics and the combination of minerals. The single Phenakite crystal is gemmy pale yellow, lustrous and well formed, measuring 2cm by 0.7cm. It is cradled at the base of a prismatic Quartz crystal towering to nearly 6cm over the Phenakite. Surrounded are a forest of doubly terminated Quartz crystal and rosettes of bladed Hematite. A fantastic one of a kind!

Date added: 2nd February 2012 PYROMORPHITE

No. 3146


Germany » Mercur Mine
11.5cm x 9cm x 5cm

A vibrant yellowish-green Pyromorphite from the famous Bad Ems area in Germany. This large specimen is very rich, formed almost entirely of Pyromorphite in hexagonal barrel-shaped crystals exhibiting the typical greasy lustre of specimens from this mine. It is unusual to find this size of specimen from Bad Ems, and this piece is of particularly excellent display quality.

Date added: 2nd February 2012 GALENA pseudomorph after PYROMORPHITE

No. 118

GALENA pseudomorph after PYROMORPHITE

Germany » Kautenbach Mine
10cm x 8cm x 6cm

One of the best we have had, this Galena pseudomorph after Pyromorphite features a wave of large sharply formed crystals. The thick tabular hexagonal crystals grow to several centimetres in size. These pseudomorphs came out in the 1800s, and were called Plumbeine originally thought to be a hexagonal form of Galena. They are also known as Blaubleierz in German (blue lead ore) due to the blueish colour that the Galena can take. There are very few locations worldwide that produce Galena pseudomorphs after Pyromorphite and this location is the most well known and sought after. The overall size of this specimen and the large size of the individual crystals make this one very impressive!

Date added: 1st February 2012 HEMATITE and QUARTZ

No. 138


China » Jinlong Hill
11.5cm x 11cm x 6.5cm

A world class specimen, this Hematite and Quartz has killer perfection. There are many Quartz and Hematite combinations from Jinlong on the market, but this has the best shape and aesthetics, and wonderful colour with the combination of slightly Amethystine Quartz included by Hematite at the terminations to give a reddish tinge. The Quartz forms sharp tapered crystals, growing from between perfect rosettes of lustrous bladed Hematite. The photos show it all - finest we have seen!

Date added: 22nd December 2011 PYROMORPHITE

No. 27


USA » Bunker Hill Mine
8.8cm x 12.2cm x 4.4cm

Pyromorphites from Bunker Hill Mine are renowned for their quality, and are amongst the best in the world. The range of vibrant colours, the shiny bright lustre, the variety in crystal forms make them mouth wateringly desirable, and this specimen does not disappoint. The rich mustard to buttercup yellow colouration of the barrel shaped crystals forms a very pleasing specimen with a myriad of crystal sizes, the largest measuring 1.6 x 0.9cm in size. The silvery lustre is so shiny - a real juicy specimen!

Date added: 19th December 2011 SIDERITE 'Lady's Slipper'

No. 1

SIDERITE 'Lady's Slipper'

England » Virtuous Lady Mine
10cm x 5cm x 1.5cm

A superb example of the rare Siderite pseudomorph after Baryte 'Lady's Slipper' from the one and only location for this classic Devonshire curiosity. The Slipper specimens and the fabled Siderite 'Boxes' were found at the Virtous Lady Mine in 1832-33. This particular 'Lady's Slipper' is over 9cm long, the Siderite forming a sheath-like casing of intergrown lenticular (fish scale) crystals. The colour varies from translucent light yellow-brown to brown. The Siderite is lightly sprinkled with minute crystals of sparkling golden metallic Pyrite. An extremely fine example of a rare specimen, with superb equant form.

Date added: 19th August 2011 TOURMALINE

No. 2841


Afghanistan » Paprok
18cm x 7.5cm x 7cm

An impressive Tourmaline measuring 18cm tall and weighing almost exactly 2 kilograms! The Tourmaline has beautiful colour with a rich raspberry core and yellow green outer rim at the base, changing to a blue green in the top half, terminated by glassy pink. The vitreous lustre highlights the complex stepped termination and parallel growth. Quite stunning especially considering the size!

Date added: 19th August 2011 BERYL var EMERALD

No. 2812


Colombia » Coscuez Mine
6.5cm x 4.9cm x 3.4cm

A stunning Colombian Emerald featuring a very large crystal attractively set against a Calcite matrix. The Emerald measures 4.8cm long and 2.1cm wide, and is the beautiful glowing bluish green that makes Emeralds so desirable. The crystal is hexagonal and doubly terminated with flat basal pinacoid terminations. Gemmy and aesthetically displayed - this is a must for any collection!

Date added: 19th August 2011 SPERRYLITE

No. 2809


Russia » Noril'sk
8.8cm x 7cm x 6.8cm

An especially rich specimen of the desirable rare Platinum Arsenide mineral Sperrylite. The Sperrylite forms cubic crystals modified by octahedral faces, with some skeletal growth. The crystal faces have mirror-bright lustre. The large crystals range up to 11mm width, cascading down the iridescent complex Sulphide matrix in a spectacular display. Tiny crystals of Sperrylite are dotted throughout the matrix. This area of Russia produces the world's best Sperrylite specimens, and this is a very rich and attractive example!

Date added: 19th August 2011 AZURITE

No. 1700


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
10.5cm x 7.5cm x 5cm

A superb Azurite from Tsumeb. Large thick elongate crystals are intergrown to form a specimen that displays well from all angles, attractively trimmed. The largest crystal measures to nearly 7cm in length! The bright lustre highlights the complex multistepping terminations. A true classic from Tsumeb.

Date added: 19th August 2011 QUARTZ GWINDEL

No. 116


Switzerland » St. Gotthard
10.9cm x 10.4cm x 3.8cm

This Swiss Gwindel has the WOW factor - glassy and water clear, it is like an Alpine ice scuplture. The Quartz has the slightest hint of Smokiness, with vitreous lustre and beautiful growth of the crystal faces. A Gwindel occurs when a series of Quartz crystals grow in a stack, parallel but with each one rotated a bit more than the last along a common axis to create a twist - this specimen is 'right handed' and twists clockwise. Each crystal is doubly terminated creating a zigzag of terminations along each edge. Stunning!

Date added: 19th August 2011 SMITHSONITE

No. 117


USA » Kelly Mine
10.4cm x 7.5cm x 6.4cm

A lovely Kelly Mine Smithsonite with glossy rounded crystal clusters across a dark matrix. The chatoyant lustre really glistens as you move the specimen, and the translucent blue colour is very attractive. Displays well!

Date added: 17th June 2011 AZURITE rose

No. 110


Australia » Mount Hope
11.1cm x 9.5cm x 4.8cm

What a beauty - a gorgeous Azurite rose. Large curved crystals of deep blue Azurite form a very aesthetic rose. The crystals measure to nearly 3cm. The Azurite has a bright lustre that rolls over the 'petals' - very impressive! This is the best Australian Azurite rose we have seen.

Date added: 17th June 2011 TOURMALINE on SMOKY QUARTZ

No. 111


USA » Himalaya Mine
18cm x 13.5cm x 11cm

A magnificent Himalaya Mine Tourmaline, featuring two crystals intergrown in a large Smoky Quartz. The main Tourmaline has a dark green core, becoming transparent pink with a pale green cap, measuring 15cm length and 3.5 cm width. The Quartz has wonderful glassy lustre and is sharply formed. Minor Cleavelandite Albite accompanies the main Tourmaline crystal. A show stopping piece with all the right aesthetics.

Date added: 16th June 2011 QUARTZ var ROSE

No. 100


Brazil » Sapucaia Mine
17cm x 11.5cm x 3.4cm

Rose Quartz rarely crystallises into well formed crystals, more commonly occurring as massive veins. This specimen is quite spectacular for the radiating growths of elongate crystals, some forming almost rose shaped clusters. The Rose Quartz is overgrown by a thin layer of milky Rose Quartz which has tiny stepped lustrous crystals which makes the specimen glitter and sparkle. A very attractive piece from one of the best producing locations.

Date added: 16th June 2011 HEMATITE

No. 101


Switzerland » Xaver Gnoss
18cm x 9.4cm x 3.7cm

Lustrous rosettes of Hematite grow from a sea of sparkling Feldspar crystals on a Gneiss matrix. The Hematite rosettes are quite perfect - symmetrical shape with bright metallic lustre, and formed from platelets of hexagonal Hematite crystals. Switzerland is famous for its Hematite rosettes, and this is an superb piece.

Date added: 16th June 2011 ELBAITE TOURMALINE

No. 2807


Madagascar » Betafo District
16.1cm x 6.1cm x 6.1cm

A huge Tourmaline specimen from Madagascar - opaque black at the base, becoming green through the mid section, topped by pink then a yellow cap. The green midsection and pink top is translucent when backlit. The lustre is bright, highlighting the striations and the stepped modified pyramidal termination. In excellent condition especially considering the very large size.

Date added: 16th June 2011 PARGASITE in Marble

No. 2558


Vietnam » Sungate Mine
18cm x 14cm x 7.5cm

Huge bright green tabular crystal of Pargasite are revealed from the snow white Marble matrix. The Pargasite crystals are very large and well formed, measuring to 4.6cm length, with subvitreous to resinous lustre. The crystals form flattened diamond shaped prisms. One of the best examples of this Amphibole that we have seen.

Date added: 16th June 2011 PARGASITE in Marble

No. 107


Vietnam » Sungate Mine
16.5cm x 9cm x 7.5cm

Large prismatic crystals of bright green Pargasite are revealed from the marble matrix. The Pargasite crystals measure to 4.5 x 3cm, and are well formed, translucent with subvitreous lustre. As with Hall of Fame #103 this is one of the best Pargasite specimens we have seen.

Date added: 16th June 2011 PYRARGYRITE with POLYBASITE and QUARTZ

No. 104


Mexico » Fresnillo De Gonzalez Echeverria
8.8cm x 8.6cm x 4.8cm

A marvelous specimen of well formed Pyrargyrite crystals intergrown with minor Polybasite and Quartz. The Pyrargyrite forms very large (for the species) crystals, measuring to almost 2cm length and 1cm wide. This is an incredibly rich specimen with very large well formed crystals, and is in superb condition. From the classic silver mining area in Mexico.

Date added: 16th June 2011 STEPHANITE

No. 2299


Germany » Freiberg
8.5cm x 7cm x 4.5cm

A stunning Stephanite - it has to be seen in person as the photographs do not capture the three dimensional crystal forms. Large flattened hexagonal crystals, measuring to over 2.5cm width with bright glittering metallic lustre are intergrown at different orientations with minor Pyrargyrite. Very rich!

Date added: 16th June 2011 TOURMALINE var RUBELLITE

No. 105


Brazil » Jonas Mine
12.1cm x 3cm x 2.7cm

A superb Rubellite from the famous 1978 find at the Jonas Mine in Brazil. The Tourmaline is the desirable cranberry red colour, transparent with some fluid inclusions as Rubellites tend to have. The Tourmaline has a flat basal pinacoid termination with modified bevelled corners, bright lustre with fine striations along the length. The legendary Rubellite pocket was discovered on Good Friday of 1978 and is considered the most valuable pocket of Tourmaline ever found. It was uncovered in literarly the last week of mining when funding had run out, also making it one of the luckiest, and the find is surrounded by tales of armed guards and poisonous snakes.

Date added: 16th June 2011 BERYL var AQUAMARINE, APATITE & MUSCOVITE

No. 106


Pakistan » Chumar Bakhoor
10cm x 5.9cm x 5.9cm

A beautiful specimen featuring the combination of Apatite and Aquamarine. The Apatite forms a transparent to translucent pink crystal, well formed with hexagonal shape and glassy lustre. It measures to 4cm width. Several Aquamarine crystals accompany the Apatite, similarly well formed with vitreous lustre. They are transparent and pale blue, the largest measuring to 3cm length. All are intergrown between silvery booklet of hexagonal Muscovite mica. A very attractive and desirable combination, aesthetically arranged.

(repaired and restored)

Date added: 16th June 2011 ARGENTITE

No. 2292


Germany » Himmelsfurst Mine
3.9cm x 2.9cm x 1.9cm

A fantastic Argentite specimen from Himmelsfurst. The crystals are unusually large and well formed, with metallic lustre. Individual crystals measure to over 1.5 cm width, and some exhibit hoppered development and tiny growth hillocks. Overall a very aesthetic display, from this historic German mining centre.

Date added: 15th June 2011 ANTIMONPEARCEITE (POLYBASITE-Tac)

No. 99


Mexico » San Juan De Rayas Mine
15.5cm x 11.5cm x 6cm

Antimonpearceite is a polytype of Polybasite, which is one of the four 'ruby silvers'. THis is a very rich specimen, featuring flattened hexagonal crystals with a secondary overgrowth of small Antimonpearceite crystals. This gives the specimen loads of texture and a brushed metallic lustre. From a well known and historical silver mining area in Mexico.

Date added: 27th May 2011 BERYL var MORGANITE with ALBITE

No. 97


Brazil » Urucum Mine
10.8cm x 10cm x 10.5cm

A sensational Beryl var. Morganite from Brazil, featuring a huge crystal 4.3cm thick x 10 cm wide. The Morganite is well proportioned, with an equant hexagonal crystal shape, with bevealed striated pyramidal faces. The Morganite sits in a bed of white Albite, with elongate black Schorl Tourmaline crystals. One of our best!

Date added: 27th May 2011 SMITHSONITE

No. 96


USA » Kelly Mine
20cm x 20cm x 10cm

A huge specimen of Smithsonite from the famed Kelly Mine. The Smithsonite forms a botryoidal crust up to 1cm thick on matrix, continuing onto the rear of the specimen, to cover 3/4 of the matrix. Kelly Mine Smithsonites are most desirable for their gorgeous turquoise blue colour, and the translucent greeny-blue of this specimen does not disappoint.

Date added: 27th May 2011 NEPTUNITE

No. 94


USA » Dallas Gem Mine
20cm x 15cm x 6cm

A large and impressive specimen of Neptunite, with a rich coverage of crystals. Neptunite is most famously known from the Dallas Gem Mine (also called the Benitoite Gem Mine) in southern California. It forms glossy black elongate crystals measuring to 3cm with sharp terminations. The Neptunite grows in different directions within snow white Natrolite providing excellent colour contrast. One tiny blue Benitoite crystal peaks out from the Natrolite. An explosion of crystals!

Date added: 27th May 2011 TITANITE

No. 95


Pakistan » Skardu
17cm x 12cm x 8.5cm

An absolutely stunning Titanite specimen, one of the best we have seen. Translucent to gemmy lime green Titanite with glassy lustre form wedge shaped crystals with razor sharp edges. The crystals are stacked together in many parallel columns forming a specimen that is almost entirely Titanite with a zig-zagging overlapping form. The largest crystals measure to 3cm. This colour is the most sought after from Pakistan - superb!

Date added: 27th May 2011 RHODOCHROSITE

No. 2805


South Africa » Wessels Mine
9.6cm x 9cm x 5.4cm

A superb specimen with an impressive coverage of spherical aggregates of gemmy prismatic crystals of Rhodochrosite. Each "ball" is c. 1cm in diameter and contrasts well against a manganese oxide rich matrix. Spectacular colour and form!

Date added: 27th May 2011 DIOPTASE

No. 86


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
11cm x 8cm x 6.5cm

A remarkable "geode" of Dioptase crystals. A cupped-palm like vug is lined with deep-green highly lustrous and sharp Dioptase crystals (some individually to over 1cm). One of THE classic minerals from Tsumeb, this specimen is one of the best on the market.

Date added: 27th May 2011 BASTNAESITE

No. 2884


Pakistan » Zagi Mountain
14cm x 10.4cm x 6cm

Zagi Mountain produces some of the world's best Bastnaesite specimens, and this one features crystals still attached to the gneiss matrix. The Bastnaesite forms honey coloured resinous crystals, with hexagonal form, measuring to 3cm wide and 1cm thick. The specimen presents well, with the Bastnaesites clustering together in a range of sizes.

Date added: 27th May 2011 BARYTE with DOLOMITE

No. 98


England » Frizington Mine
15.5cm x 10cm x 8cm

An exceptional specimen of intersecting doubly-terminating crystals of highly lustrous Baryte supported upon a matrix of pearly Dolomite crystals. The main crystal measures 13cm tip to tip and displays grey-blue body-colour with contrasting faint red coloured Hematite inclusions here and there. The well arranged crystals make for a superb aesthetic example of this reverred Cumbrian classic, and in excellent shape for one of these - especially considering the size and sharpness of the crystals.

Date added: 26th May 2011 AZURITE

No. 87


USA » Bisbee
10cm x 7.5cm x 3.5cm

A fabulous Bisbee specimen, solidly consisting of intergrown rosettes of Azurite crystals. The Azurite is deep blue with a bright glossy lustre which highlights the texture of crystal growth, giving a pleasing swirling effect.

Date added: 26th May 2011 RUTILE

No. 77


USA » Graves Mountain
12.5cm x 8cm x 6.5cm

One HUGE multi-terminated Rutile crystal from this renowned locality. Sharply crystallized with well defined edges and mirror-bright prism faces. There are hints of twinning here and there, and also (more importantly) the crystal is free from chipping along prism edges.

Date added: 26th May 2011 CATAPLEIITE

No. 78


Canada » Mont Saint-Hilaire
7.5cm x 6cm x 4cm

A beautiful 3.5cm rosette of Catapleiite nestles upon a matrix of intergrown elongate prismatic crystals of Natrolite. The platy crystals of Catapleiite have a glossy sheen which help the "bloom" stand out against the matrix. A fine example of this rare mineral.

Date added: 26th May 2011 NATIVE LEAD

No. 2810


Sweden » Langban
12.5cm x 8cm x 3cm

A sizeable and aesthetic example of Native Lead from this classic locality. Lead is extremely rare to find in native form, so this specimen is extra special. In fact, there are even areas of subhedral crystal development on both sides of the specimen! An exceptional example.

Date added: 26th May 2011 HEDENBERGITE

No. 2148


Sweden » Nordmark
10cm x 9cm x 4cm

Hedenbergite doesn't get much finer than this - very sharply crystallised crystals to 4cm with lustrous and translucent prism faces. Well arranged crystals in exceptional condition from this classic locality. Other examples with equally evolved crystals are a lot smaller in comparison to this one. A rare opportunity to acquire a premier example of this rock forming mineral.

Date added: 26th May 2011 AZURITE and ARAGONITE var TARNOWIZITE

No. 82


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
12.5cm x 9cm x 7cm

An awesome specimen with contrasting crystals of Azurite and cream coloured 'Tarnowizite' (Plumboan Aragonite). The Azurite forms sharp lustrous bladed crystals to 5cm in length. The Tarnowitzite is like a bloom of prismatic crystals, all captured in the bowl like matrix.

Date added: 26th May 2011 CALCITE twin with CHRYSOCOLLA on CALCITE

No. 88


DR Congo (Zaire) » Mashamba West Mine
17cm x 9cm x 6.5cm

An interesting Calcite specimen from Mashamba West featuring two forms of Calcite. Two translucent complex Calcite crystals with silky looking internals and exhibiting twinning, are centrally placed, the largest measuring to 4.6cm. Surrounding this are several rounded spiky 'balls' of acicular honey colour Calcite, the largest to 2.5cm diameter. The Calcites are perched on pale green Chrysocolla coating the Calcite matrix, which accentuates the colours nicely!

Date added: 26th May 2011 FLUORITE and QUARTZ

No. 2813


Morocco » El Hamman Mine
21.5cm x 18cm x 8.5cm

Fluorites from Morocco do not get much better than this. A very large Fluorite crystal in the desirable vivid sea green colour is dotted with Quartz crystals. The Quartz range from milky to water clear, often doubly terminated, and glittering like Diamonds on the Fluorite. And at over 20cm width this is a show stopping piece.

Date added: 26th May 2011 BERYL var. MORGANITE

No. 90


Brazil » Urucum Mine
16.5cm x 10.5cm x 5cm

The Minas Gerais state of Brazil is famed for its gem minerals, and this is one of the best Morganites that has passed through our hands. A huge crystal, transparent with rich warm pink colour, and bright vitreous lustre. Striated bevelled edges indicate the hexagonal crystal shape. Small elongate black Schorl Tourmaline crystals pierce the outer edges, suspended in pink space. Beautiful!

Date added: 26th May 2011 BOURNONITE

No. 89


France » Les Malines Mine
14.5cm x 12cm x 7cm

Exceptional twinned 'cog-wheel' crystals of Bournonite project from between a mixture of Sphalerite and Bournonite crystals. The Bournonite crystals are metallic grey, exhibiting quite sharp and well formed cog-wheel 'teeth', with the largest crystal measuring 5cm wide and 1.5cm thick. The Sphalerite is gemmy brownish-red, in well formed crystals often exhibiting a bluish iridescence. Very large and well formed Bournonite crystals for this location.

Date added: 26th May 2011 QUARTZ

No. 91


Switzerland » St. Gotthard
15.5cm x 11.5cm x 7.6cm

A glorious Swiss Quartz featuring a large doubly terminated crystal perched on a Quartz and Adularia Feldspar coated matrix. The Quartz is spectacular for two reasons - firstly for the perfectly water-clear, glassy crystal with a single tornado of fluid inclusions through the centre, and secondly because it is a right handed crystal with a large rare series of faces. The crystal measures 10.4cm length by 5cm height and 3.8cm thick. Surrounding it are smaller, similarly glassy water clear doubly terminated Quartz crystals, and squarish rosettes of pearly Adularia Feldspar. Spectacular!

Date added: 19th May 2011 NAGYAGITE

No. 2087


Romania » Sacarimb (Nagyag)
12cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm

A ridiculously rich example with a multitude of foliated metallic crystals of Nagyagite investing a light-pink coloured matrix of Rhodochrosite. A dense and showy example of this rare Gold Telluride mineral.

Date added: 9th March 2011 FLUORITE

No. 76


Russia » Dal'negorsk
19.5cm x 14.5cm x 7cm

Dal'negorsk is well known for its gemmy colourless Fluorite crystals, and this specimen is one of the best we have seen. Formed entirely of a plate of Fluorite, the colourless and transparent cubes look like ice with beautiful etched melt like patterns beneath. This is the purest form of Fluorite, without any impurities - just stunning!


Date added: 7th March 2011 ROSE QUARTZ on QUARTZ

No. 75


Brazil » Minas Gerais
9.5cm x 8cm x 7cm

A single Smoky Quartz crystal is encircled by a skirt of pink Rose Quartz crystals. The Rose Quartz glitters as it climbs the Smoky Quartz. The single crystal has a transparent overgrowth of Smoky Quartz which forms many stepped terminations in parallel growth, creating attractive detail on an already spectacular specimen.


Date added: 5th March 2011 DANBURITE

No. 74


Mexico » Charcas
16cm x 16cm x 11cm

A large aesthetic display of Danburite crystals, with lustrous pale pink crystals. The prismatic crystals have sharp terminations with faint striations along the length of the crystal. A beautiful specimen from the classic Danburite locality.

Date added: 2nd March 2011 SMITHSONITE

No. 73


USA » Kelly Mine
12cm x 10.5cm x 3cm

A very rich specimen of wonderful colour with a thick layer of Smithsonite on matrix. The Smithsonite is botryoidal with bright chatoyant lustre. The colour ranges from greeny blue to the classic Kelly turquoise blue at the surface, and just glows reminescent of the tropical sea, glowing greenish beneath the undulating surface.

Date added: 28th February 2011 SMITHSONITE

No. 72


Mexico » Santa Eulalia
11cm x 9.8cm x 4.8cm

A large translucent pale pink Smithsonite with chatoyant lustre. The pink Smithsonite forms a thick botryoidal crust growing over a grey vuggy Smithsonite rich matrix. The darker colour can be seen through the translucent pink layer, creating a depth to the colour.

Date added: 15th February 2011 OPAL

No. 2846


Australia » Quilpie
7.5cm x 13cm x 6.4cm

A magnificent Opal specimen from Australia, with thick bands of white Opal running through the ironstone matrix, displaying excellent iridescence, with a play of colour from deep ultraviolet purplish-blue through green, yellow and orange. What we love most about this specimen is the tactile nature, as the Opal has been polished to follow its natural curves, retaining the thickness of the Silica layer, and the depth to the play of colour. Gorgeous, even better in person!

Date added: 8th February 2011 MIMETITE

No. 70


Mexico » Santa Eulalia
11cm x 9cm x 5cm

A rich specimen with many radiating clusters of Mimetite crystals. The Mimetite is the typical mustard yellow colour seen at this location, and has a very bright lustre that sparkles as the specimen is moved. Individual crystals range to over 1cm. There are contacts around the periphery of the specimen as to be expected, otherwise it is in excellent condition. The size, overall aesthetics and quality of crystals make this a superb Mimetite from Santa Eulalia.

Date added: 7th February 2011 SPINEL on Marble

No. 69

SPINEL on Marble

Vietnam » Luc Yen
6.4cm x 5cm x 4cm

A luscious red Spinel crystal beautifully foiled by a snow white backdrop of Marble. The Spinel crystal is approximately 2.5cm in size, with multiple parallel growth, featuring many triangular crystal faces of its octahedral form. The Spinel is translucent and gemmy in places with an inner fiery glow. Beautiful!

Date added: 6th February 2011 SPERRYLITE

No. 68


Russia » Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit
4.8cm x 4.5cm x 2cm

A spectacular Sperrylite specimen from Russia, one of the best we have seen. Two clusters of super sharp crystals are aesthetically perched on a Sulphide matrix. The Sperrylite crystals are cubes modified on their corners, and each cluster is in parallel growth. The crystals exhibit superb mirror like bright lustre, and have fine lines common to large Sperrylite crystals. Exceptional for the species.

Date added: 12th January 2011 SMITHSONITE

No. 67


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
8.2cm x 7cm x 3.8cm

A fantastic pink Smithsonite from Tsumeb. Pearlescent pale pink rhombohedral crystals are intergrown in a range of sizes up to a large 2cm width. The crystals are well formed, translucent with a bright lustre. In excellent condition, this specimen displays beautifully, which together with the large crystals creates an impressive Smithsonite.

Date added: 4th September 2010 TOPAZ, LEPIDOLITE and SMOKY QUARTZ

No. 2847


Brazil » Xanda Mine
16cm x 8.5cm x 11cm

Brazil features strongly in the Mineral world in 2010, with the launch of the new Brazil book and also the Brazilian Beauty theme of the Munich show. Well known for its exceptional pegmatite gem minerals, this Minas Gerais specimen is up there for it quality and aesthetics, not to mention its monster size! A huge Smoky Quartz crystal with an attractive partial coating of Lepidolite is coupled in a Samba with a large lustrous blue Topaz crystal.
Repaired 1x

Date added: 18th June 2010 ZOISITE var TANZANITE

No. 65


Tanzania » Merelani
4.3cm x 3.1cm x 1.2cm

A gorgeous Tanzanite crystal, almost bladed in form, glassy with desirable violet-blue colour. The crystal is lustrous with interesting rectangular stepped growth surface markings. It shows great pleochroism - viewed from the front it is blue (with faint yellow colour phantoms), viewed sideways it shows a pinkish-purple. Beneath the crystal it can be seen there is a yellow core to the crystal. There is a small parallel crystal growing on the middle rear. Gorgeous, and so gemmy you can read through it!

Date added: 17th June 2010 KERMESITE with QUARTZ

No. 2843


Germany » Braunsdorf
7.5cm x 5cm x 2.8cm

Sparkling prismatic Quartz crystals to 3mm line a vug which plays host to luxurious sprays of purplish-red Kermesite crystals. The Kermesite has a bright almost metallic lustre which sparkles over the hairlike crystals which form diverging sprays up to 2cm in length. This is a rich specimen for this location probably dating from 1800s; it is very difficult to find specimens this good from Saxony - a great German classic!

Date added: 17th June 2010 RHODOCHROSITE

No. 64


South Africa » Hotazel Mine
6.2cm x 5.1cm x 3cm

A stunning Rhodochrosite featuring a Manganese matrix solidly covered by 'wheat sheaf' clusters of gorgeous pinkish-red crystals. The Rhodochrosite is a gemmy and brightly pinkish-red with strawberry milkshake coloured cores. The 'bundles' of crystals measure up to 1cm in length. The bright lustre makes the specimen sparkle constantly as you turn it - just gorgeous!

Date added: 16th June 2010 STRENGITE

No. 62


Sweden » Leveaniemi Iron Mine
11.5cm x 6.2cm x 4.2cm

Bright violet coloured balls of Strengite, an Iron Phosphate, measuring to 6mm grow within an exposed cavity in a Goethite/Martite matrix. The Strengite is accompanied by velvety black balls of possible Beraunite and small green balls of possibly Rockbridgeite coating Beraunite, or rare Laubmannite. The Strengite balls are formed of radial clusters of acicular crystals, with a sparkling slightly chatoyant lustre. Min Rec Vol 20, no.5 has a short article on the mid 1980s find of Strengite specimens at this Swedish Iron Ore location. This specimen is easily one of the best found, as it is a large display specimen with very rich coverage. Not many specimens were saved, and we have never seen a better one for sale.

Date added: 15th June 2010 STEPHANITE

No. 61


Germany » Freiberg District
7.2cm x 5cm x 3.8cm

A superb specimen consisting entirely of well formed Stephanite crystals. The Stephanite is a steely grey colour with 'brushed metal' lustre, forming elongate hexagonal crystals. Individually crystals measure to 2cm in length, and they are intergrown to form quite an aesthetic specimen. Stephanite is a Silver Antimony Sulphide, and this specimen is exceptional for this location because of the sharpness of the crystal form, a real German classic!

Date added: 14th June 2010 SPESSARTINE GARNET with GALENA

No. 60


Australia » North Mine
15cm x 8cm x 4.5cm

Brightly metallic, multistepping Galena is studded with deep red Spessartine Garnet crystals. The Garnets measuring to 2cm, are sharply crystallised dodecahedrons, some with modified edges. They are appear deep red with a greasy mirror-like lustre, but are actually a translucent bright orange-red when backlit. From this famous Australian locale, this is the best example of Spessartine we have had. It is virtually impossible to get an undamaged specimen, and this large, and well crystallised specimens is in excellent condition.

Date added: 30th April 2010 CALCITE twin

No. 59


India » Jalgaon
12cm x 11cm x 8cm

An extraordinary Calcite twin, one of the finest known from Jalgaon, India. Complexly twinned, each part formed of large gemmy crystal. The Calcite has a subtle hint of yellow, and the strong double refraction can clearly be seen through the transparent crystals. Found in the 1980s, this is a perfectly balanced specimen, one of the best we have seen from anywhere.

Date added: 29th April 2010 HESSITE and SPHALERITE

No. 2822


Romania » Botes
5.5cm x 3cm x 2cm

An outstanding Hessite from Romania. Matt grey Hessite (a rare Silver Telluride mineral) forms flat growth of crystals as well as an intricate coral-like formation, intergrown with several silvery Sphalerite crystals of bright lustre. The Hessite and Sphalerite are balanced on a matrix of prismatic Quartz crystal to create an aesthetic specimen. This locality has produced the best of species for Hessite, mined in the mid 1800s, with specimens of large well formed crystals. The rich coverage and well formed crystals make this one of the best we have seen for sale in years.

Date added: 26th April 2010 PLANCHEITE in QUARTZ

No. 57


DR Congo (Zaire) » Mashamba West Mine
3.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.4cm

A super sweet miniature of sky blue Plancheite in Quartz. Plancheite is a rare secondary Copper silicate, found as fibrous sprays of crystals. The overgrowth of water clear Quartz as small lustrous prismatic crystals captures the rich blue colour inside, and adds a sparkling lustre to the specimen.
For Sale

Date added: 21st April 2010 BARYTE

No. 56


Germany » Pohla
21cm x 12.5cm x 7.1cm

ex. Paul Busch Collection
Wow! This is one of the finest Barytes ever found at Pohla, and is by far the best and largest that we have seen. The Baryte has a gorgeously warm honey-amber colour that these specimens are famed for, with very bright lustre. The doubly terminated sharply formed crystal rests on the matrix and measures a whopping 17.5cm in length. The Pohla Mine was mined from 1950 up until the end of the 1990s mainly for Uranium (Pitchblende), also with the aim to mine Cassiterite and Scheelite although this never occurred. Baryte was found from the beginning but as massive colourless/grey material, and it was 1975-76 that the fabulous golden Barytes were discovered.

Date added: 20th April 2010 NATIVE BISMUTH

No. 55


Germany » Gang Opal
12cm x 9cm x 7cm

Native Bismuth is an incredibly rare element to find on its own , and specimens with crystals of this size are almost never found - so much so, that we have labelled this specimen as 'ridiculous'. Chunky angular Bismuth crystals to 2.5cm are intergrown with pale Dolomite and speckled with tiny pink Erythrite crystals. We know of only one better specimen in a public display, found at the Berlin Humboldt Museum, Germany.

Date added: 18th April 2010 MANGANITE

No. 54


Germany » Ilfeld
0cm x 7.5cm x 7cm

ex. Paul Busch Collection
The brilliant lustre and the size of the crystals are the first things that catch your eye in this showy Manganite specimen. The form is aesthetic and very three dimensional as striated crystals radiate in different directions, measuring to 4cm in length! These classic Manganites were mined in the late 1800s at Ilfeld, and the superior form and lustre make this specimen the best of this form that we SOLD

Date added: 16th April 2010 VESUVIANITE

No. 53


Canada » Jeffrey Mine
17cm x 10cm x 5cm

This is one of the best and largest specimens of Vesuvianite that we have seen. A stunning arrangement of elongate prismatic bright green crystals with high lustre create a museum quality specimen. Jeffrey Mine is renowned for the quality of Vesuvianites that it produces, and this must be one of the best.

Date added: 22nd March 2010 Primary MALACHITE

No. 52


DR Congo (Zaire) » Mashamba West Mine
15.2cm x 12.7cm x 7.2cm

Bright green primary Malachite has grown in radiating clusters of fibres. The coral-like growth creates a very organic and lively specimen, and the way the chatoyant lustre glides across the silky surface is incredibly eye-catching. As Malachite goes, this is quite a sexy piece!

Date added: 19th March 2010 RHODOCHROSITE with TETRAHEDRITE and QUARTZ

No. 51


USA » Sweet Home Mine
6.1cm x 8cm x 4.1cm

Very little needs to be said about Rhodochrosite from Sweet Home Mine, the specimens and their reputations speak for themselves. Large, gemmy pinkish-red rhombohedral crystals with a glassy lustre grow from a matrix of needle Quartz, golden Pyrite and silvery Tetrahedrite. The Rhodochrosite crystals measure to 16mm, and are sharply formed. Just gorgeous, a top end specimen from the now closed Sweet Home Mine.

Date added: 4th March 2010 PYROMORPHITE

No. 50


USA » Bunker Hill Mine
7.5cm x 6.4cm x 5.1cm

Pyromorphite specimens from Bunker Hill do not get much better than this. Highly lustrous crystals measuring to 1.4cm cover the matrix, in curved barrel shaped crystals.  The specimen is a burst of citrus, with crystals of juicy lime colour, becoming orange where they meet the matrix. The lustre is a glossy wet-look. Just gorgeous!

Date added: 3rd March 2010 BERYL var AQUAMARINE on ALBITE

No. 49


Pakistan » Shigar Valley
10cm x 9cm x 6.5cm

Beautiful transparent to translucent Aquamarine crystals grow from a large Albite crystal. Two Aquamarine crystals intersect each other across the front of the Albite creating a magnificent sky blue display against the pearly white backdrop, with one crystal doubly terminated and measuring to 8.1cm in length. A stunning example of just how aesthetic Pegmatite minerals can be.

Date added: 5th February 2010 RHODOCHROSITE

No. 48


South Africa » N'Chwaning Mines
4cm x 3cm x 2cm

A GORGEOUS Rhodochrosite from N'Chwaning Mines. Vivid red colour, bright  almost silky lustre, sharply formed scalenohedral crystals intergrown in a very aesthetic arrangement. (please note the crystal on the right shows a v-shaped termination, and is not cleaved).

Date added: 4th February 2010 NATIVE SILVER

No. 41


USA » Keweenaw Peninsula
9.5cm x 12.7cm x 7cm

A very large and weighty Michigan Silver in a branching coral-like form. The size of this specimen is very impressive in person, with large highly modified crystals.

Date added: 4th February 2010 NATIVE SILVER

No. 47


Norway » Kongsberg Mine
11cm x 6.2cm x 3cm

An impressive Native Silver from Kongsberg, Norway. A very large and very aesthetic wire weighing 115g, with very minor Calcite. Wires of this size are rare, and there is no better known location for spectacular Silvers than Kongsberg. This is an old specimen, mined most likely more than 200 years ago. Superb. SOLD

Date added: 4th February 2010 MIMETITE and QUARTZ

No. 46


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
6cm x 5cm x 4cm

A stunning Tsumeb Mimetite with large gemmy and lustrous golden-brown crystals perched on matrix with prismatic Quartz, which for a common mineral is rare for Tsumeb. The Mimetite crystals are doubly terminated,  which is not common, and are very large, forming a lovely intergrown group.

Date added: 4th February 2010 UVAROVITE GARNET

No. 45


Finland » Outokumpu Mine
9.4cm x 7.5cm x 2.8cm

This is an exceptional Uvarovite Garnet specimen, with great colour, a very rich covering of large crystals, and in superb condition. It is rare to find large crystals of Uvarovite, however this location is renowed for its rare but quality specimens.

Date added: 4th February 2010 ANGLESITE

No. 44


Morocco » Touissit Mine
7.7cm x 4cm x 2.4cm

A spectacular specimen of Anglesite featuring three very large gemmy crystals in slightly diverging arrangement. The crystals are highly lustrous, striated along their length, and well terminated. The deep golden colour is natural and is the most desirable colour for Anglesites, and is rarely seen!

Date added: 4th February 2010 Primary MALACHITE

No. 43


DR Congo (Zaire) » Mashamba West Mine
6.4cm x 7.4cm x 4.3cm

Primary Malachite forms an intriguing specimen of stalactites of fibrous crystals, with rounded tops. The fibrous texture creates a gorgeous chatoyant lustre, which gives a halo effect to the tops of the stalactite. The whole specimen takes on a strange alien-like formation.

Date added: 2nd February 2010 CRONSTEDTITE

No. 42


Romania » Herja Mine
4.1cm x 5cm x 2.1cm

A very aesthetic Cronstedtite from the classic Romanian locality. Hemispherical clusters of very lustrous black crystals of Cronstedtite are arranged on a reddish-brown botryoidal Siderite matrix, with smaller individual crystals dotted between. Specimens of Cronstedtite of this quality are super rare.

Date added: 1st February 2010 AZURITE rose

No. 41


Morocco » Oumjrane Mine
5cm x 3.6cm x 4cm

A gorgeous 'rose' formed of Azurite blades, on matrix! The Azurite is bright to deep blue and very lustrous, and well crystallised. Azurite roses from Morocco are normally found as floater specimens, and it is rare to see a rose of this quality on matrix.  –  super sweet!

Date added: 31st January 2010 BENITOITE on NATROLITE

No. 40


USA » San Benito Co.
10cm x 7.7cm x 4.7cm

An impressive specimen of Benitoite featuring many large crystals of Benitoite scattered through white Natrolite matrix. The Benitoites show colour from bright sky blue to grey-blue to frosty, and have excellent lustre. The crystals are the most sought after triply terminated triangular crystals. Benitoite is the state gemstone of California and is only found at one location (The Dallas Gem or Benitoite Gem Mine) in this quality of specimen. This is a particularly rich specimen with so many crystals of Benitoite together in one specimen.

Date added: 30th January 2010 TOPAZ and QUARTZ

No. 39


Pakistan » Hindukush-Gerbirge
8cm x 7.5cm x 6cm

A large sherry coloured Topaz crystal is aesthetically placed with a smaller Topaz and slightly Smoky Quartz crystal. The main crystal measures 4.5cm, is well formed and lustrous, and the specimen is in superb condition.

Date added: 15th January 2010 Native PLATINUM nugget

No. 38

Native PLATINUM nugget

Russia » Konder Massif
3.5cm x 2.3cm x 1.4cm

Native Platinum is as rare as the proverbial hen's tooth, and this nugget weighing in at 112g is a more than substantial specimen. The nugget has a smooth rounded form, with signs of cubic crystallisation seen within the pits on the surface. The nugget has a tactical form, and really is surprisingly heavy.

Date added: 1st January 2010 SPODUMENE var KUNZITE with ELBAITE and APATITE

No. 37


Afghanistan » Mawi Pegmatite
13cm x 10cm x 9cm

Happy New Year! And what a better way to start the new year than with an explosion of colour!
Kunzite specimens do not get much better than this - the unusually rich lilac-pink colour indicates the crystal are high in Lithium, creating a stunning specimen. The two partially translucent, well formed crystals in parallel growth are perfectly arranged, bordered on each side by Quartz, Clevelandite, Apatite and Elbaite Tourmaline. The striations along the length of the Kunzite crystals highlight their lustre, and their exceptional size. What more can be said - the specimen speaks for itself.

Date added: 21st December 2009 NATIVE SILVER

No. 36


Norway » Kongsberg Mine
11cm x 7.7cm x 4.5cm

The snow is falling outside, but all clouds have a silver lining at Christmas. Waking on Christmas morning to find the gift left under the tree - could that be silver tinsel twinkling under the lights, or is it a glittering precious metal from the homeland of Father Christmas.....
This is no ore-dinary Christmas, this is a Crystal Classics Christmas!

Date added: 11th December 2009 RED BERYL

No. 35


USA » Violet Claims
3.6cm x 5cm x 5cm

A gorgeous rich raspberry-red, lustrous crystal of Red Beryl, sits proudly in a Rhyolite matrix, its colour beautifully highlighted by the pale background. The crystal measures 13mm high by 10mm wide, and is gemmy and vibrant. As one of the most intensely coloured Beryls, and found at very limited locations (of which the Wah Wah Mts is the most important source) Red Beryl is highly sought after by collectors, and this is an exceptional crystal due to its size, bright colour, lustre and sharp form.

Date added: 2nd December 2009 FLUORITE

No. 34


England » Blue Bell Pocket
9.5cm x 7cm x 6.3cm

The Fluorites from the Rogerley Mine in England are world famous, and amongst the most desirable for collectors. Their vivid green colour, and strong blue-violet daylight fluorescence make for stunning displays. This exceptional specimen was discovered during the summer of 2008, in the Blue Bell Pocket, which was a continuation of the Jewel Box pocket - one of the most successful pockets found. The larger Fluorite cubes are free from the white internal frosting (commonly seen at Rogerley) which gives them a really gemmy deeply coloured appearance. The crystals are all super sharp and lustrous - just gorgeous!

Date added: 17th November 2009 BERYL var HELIODOR

No. 33


Brazil » Itatiaia Mine
11.2cm x 2.5cm x 2.1cm

A gloriously coloured Beryl crystal from Brazil, with waves of rich colour from pale mint green to golden yellow. The crystal is well formed, and terminated, with excellent lustre along the striated crystal body. Gorgeous and gemmy, and of very decent size!

Date added: 4th November 2009 AZURITE

No. 32


France » Chessy-les-Mines
10.1cm x 9cm x 6.2cm

Chessy-les-Mines is a famous location in France for Azurite, as it is the type location, and the specimens found here can be exceptional, and are hence highly desirable. This specimen does not disappoint with huge Azurite crystals of greater than 3cm, forming an aesthetic cluster with stepped growth. Alternation to fine green Malachite adds interesting detail, highlighting the bright lustre of the Azurite.

Date added: 4th October 2009 ADAMITE

No. 31


Mexico » Ojuela Mine
10cm x 7cm x 4cm

Mexican minerals are well known for their colourful forms, and Adamite is one of the classic minerals. This large specimen has a very rich coverage of highly lustrous, well terminated crystals in radiating bursts of lemon-lime colour.

Date added: 25th September 2009 NATIVE SILVER

No. 30


Norway » Kongsberg
10.9cm x 4.4cm x 3cm

Kongsberg, Norway is famous for its Native Silver, and this specimen is the perfect example of why - a solid weighty specimen of thick ropy Native Silver with fantastic natural patina, and very attractive form - we think it looks like a dragon. And with a size of nearly 11cm height, this specimen will not go unnoticed!

Date added: 18th September 2009 FLUORITE and QUARTZ

No. 29


Morocco » El Hamman Mine
15.4cm x 12.5cm x 7.5cm

A gorgeous Fluorite from El Hamman of stunning deep sea green colour, bejewelled by Quartz crystals. This large specimen is a partial Fluorite cube, the sharp crystal edges of one face can be seen in this photo. The colour is superb, translucent with a bright lustre. The prismatic Quartz crystals range from larger internally frosty crystal to smaller water clear crystals, scattered over the specimen like glittering diamonds.

Date added: 29th August 2009 REALGAR on CALCITE

No. 28


China » Jiepaiyu Mine (Shimen Mine)
13.2cm x 12cm x 9cm

ex. Keith Hammond Collection
A gorgeous, gemmy, ruby red Realgar crystal is clasped by translucent Calcite scalenohedrons, held like a precious jewel. The transparency, deep rich colour and silvery mirrored lustre alone make this crystal something special, until you consider the size - 6.5 x 4 x 1.9 cm!  We have seen few Realgar crystals this large, and also in such good condition for such a soft mineral. Just gorgeous.

Date added: 27th August 2009 CUBANITE

No. 26


Canada » Henderson No.2 Mine
10cm x 8.3cm x 3.8cm

A large sixling-twinned silvery-gold Cubanite crystal, accompanied by a smaller twinned crystal, is nicely positioned on matrix. The Cubanite crystal measures 2.2 x 1.8 cm by 6mm thick with super sharp form and glossy metallic lustre, and this is one of the finest we have had due to its perfection and size! Henderson No.2 Mine has produced the best of this rare species in the world, with specimens periodically found during the 1980 until the mine closed in 1988. A superb, hard to find classic!

Date added: 23rd August 2009 DIOPTASE and CALCITE

No. 25


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
16.5cm x 12.5cm x 6.5cm

ex. Gerhard Grude Collection
Dioptase and Calcite, one of the most revered mineral combinations from the revered location of Tsumeb. Lustrous cream rhombs of Calcite appear to have been liberally sprinkled with the sparkling emerald green glitter of Dioptase. The crystals of Dioptase have grown preferentially on the Calcite prism faces and are partly included, giving that classic blue-green glow through the transparent Calcite. This photo does not do this specimen justice, nor does it give the true feeling of its majestic size!

Date added: 19th August 2009 KOLWEZITE on COBALTOAN CALCITE

No. 24


DR Congo (Zaire) » Mashamba West Mine
4.5cm x 3.4cm x 2.5cm

ex. Keith Hammond Collection
What an absolute sweetie! This Cobaltoan Calcite crystal exhibits vividly intense hot pink colour, with bright lustre, becoming slightly milkier towards the base. But to make it more intriguing, the Calcite is studded with perfect round hemispheres of rare Kolwezite, creating a very beautiful combination.

Date added: 18th August 2009 CUPRIAN SMITHSONITE

No. 23


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
11cm x 16cm x 7.5cm

ex. Gerhard Grude Collection
Intense sea foam green Cuprian Smithsonite forms a rolling ocean of glistening crystals. This huge specimen has crystals to 1.5cm which are perfect condition. The size, rich colour and lustre make this an important Tsumeb specimen and one of the best Cuprian Smithsonites that has passed through our hands.

Date added: 14th August 2009 Boulder OPAL

No. 22

Boulder OPAL

Australia » Eromanga Opal Field
7cm x 8.5cm x 1.6cm

ex. Gerhard Grude Collection
A simply stunning play of colours entrance your eyes in this Opal masterpiece. The Boulder Opal is thick and transparent in this large rich specimen, which creates the effect of shimmering as the colours dance within. Beautiful!

Date added: 6th August 2009 SELENITE "Ram's Horn"

No. 21

SELENITE "Ram's Horn"

Morocco » Bou Bekker
14cm x 16cm x 11.5cm

Selenite may not be the most colourful or rarest mineral, but this specimen wins points for size and sheer craziness! Sparkling Selenite has sprouted in a flower on the matrix and growing from its heart is a curling 'Ram's Horn' measuring 13.5cm in size! It is exceptional for such a soft mineral, in such a delicate form, to have survived and this specimen is damage free. Just fabulous.

Date added: 15th July 2009 PYROMORPHITE

No. 20


China » Daoping Mine
9cm x 10.1cm x 6.2cm

Pyromorphites from Daoping Mine in China do not get much better than this. Glistening crystals in bright luminous green form a densely packed specimen. The crystals exhibit a hoppered growth, forming hexagonal almost tubular crystals measuring to 1cm in size. The specimen is in really good condition, and the fantastic colour and lustre is what make this specimen so desirable.

Date added: 20th May 2009 TOPAZ with SMOKY QUARTZ and CLEAVELANDITE

No. 2811


Pakistan » Shigar Valley
10.3cm x 10.5cm x 7.4cm

A deliciously coloured pale-sherry Topaz crystal is beautifully offset by a cluster of transparent smoky Quartz crystals and white Cleavelandite. The Topaz is a huge crystal, with glassy sharply formed crystal faces, transparent and gemmy to translucent with silky web of inclusions and internal reflections. Stunning!

Date added: 8th May 2009 AZURITE

No. 18


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
9.5cm x 9cm x 6.5cm

A stunning Azurite from the famed Tsumeb Mine, amongst the best we have seen. Large, sharp, tabular crystals of Azurite are interlocking to form an aesthetic cluster, featuring a dark dark blue colour with flashes of electric blue, and a super glossy lustre. Highlights of silky pale green alteration to Malachite. Beautiful!

Date added: 11th March 2009 BERYL var AQUAMARINE

No. 17


Brazil » Medina
20cm x 6cm x 5cm

Wow - Aquamarines don't get much better than this! This specimen is from the famous find of 1997 in Medina, Brazil, where a pocket of superb Aquamarines were found, all gemmy with glowing deep blue colour. This huge single crystal measures 20cm in length, is completely clear and gemmy and of course exhibits the deep deep blue. The crystal has interesting etchings on its surface along the length and the crystal termations which is typical for this find, with tapering towards each termination. Just magnificent.

Date added: 20th February 2009 CALCITE

No. 16


USA » Elmwood Mine
17cm x 14cm x 8cm

A gemmy sharply formed doubly terminated Calcite crystal is aesthetically perch on matrix, display the rich honey colour that this mine is so famous for. The lustre and  deepening colour towards the terminations add to its beauty, and it is beautifully balanced by the cluster of smaller crystals to one side. What more could you want in an Elmwood Calcite.

Date added: 26th January 2009 SPINEL

No. 15


Burma (Myanmar) » Pein Pyit
11cm x 10cm x 4cm

A luscious gem specimen from Pein Pyit, featuring a big juicy Spinel crystal surrounded by a sea of snow white marble. The Spinel is deep red and gemmy, with sharp octahedral form and bright lustre, measuring 3.5 x 4 cm in size.

Date added: 14th January 2009 DIOPTASE

No. 14


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
6.5cm x 4.4cm x 2.8cm

One of the most gorgeous Dioptase specimens we have had in a while - luscious brilliant green crystals scattered over a sparkling palest green background of Calcite. The gemmy doubly terminated crystals are sharp with glass-like lustre, and almost all are pristine. The Dioptase crystals range from 3mm to 18mm in size. The photo does not do this specimen justice. Showy yet understated, like all classics should be!

Date added: 6th January 2009 TOURMALINE var ELBAITE

No. 13


Brazil » Pederneira Mine
8cm x 6cm x 3cm

ex. Martin Zinn Collection
A super aesthetic specimen featuring three eye-catchingly arranged Tourmaline crystals, lustrous, gemmy and richly coloured from grass green through emerald green to white tips. Contrasting accents of pink Lepidolite are studded around the base of the specimen - beautiful!

Date added: 11th December 2008 RHODOCHROSITE on MANGANITE

No. 12


South Africa » N'Chwaning Mines
12cm x 5cm x 4cm

A gorgeous Rhodochrosite from N'Chwaning, featuring balls of intense red crystallised Rhodochrosite, aesthetically perched on a matrix of black Manganite, providing a wonderful background and contrast to the rich red. Stunning!

Date added: 28th November 2008 CALCITE Twin

No. 11


Madagascar » Sambava
9cm x 6cm x 3cm

A beautiful twinned Calcite from Madagascar, one of the nicest we have seen.  Super gemmy, champagne coloured, and with aesthetic form with mirrored twinning.

Date added: 6th November 2008 COBALTOAN CALCITE with MALACHITE

No. 10


DR Congo (Zaire) » Dikuluwe Mine
5cm x 5cm x 4cm

A gorgeous specimen featuring a pale pink doubly terminated scalenohedron of Cobaltoan Calcite, presented on a tan matrix, studded with dark green velvety balls of Malachite and smaller gemmy Calcites.

Date added: 2nd October 2008 FLUORITE on SIDERITE with CHALCOPYRITE

No. 9


England » Carn Brea Mine
7cm x 6cm x 5cm

ex. Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Pennsylvania
An exceptional Fluorite from Carn Brea, with beautifully subtle colouring, overgrowing tan lenticular Siderite dotted with Chalcopyrite and Hematite crystals.

Date added: 28th August 2008 TOURMALINE

No. 8


Brazil » Pederneira Mine
16cm x 13cm x 10cm

A stunning large cabinet Tourmaline specimen from Brazil. Elongate crystals grow in all directions from the white matrix. The colour of the gemmy Tourmalines is gorgeous, with 'watermelon' colouring at the base of the crystal of deep red centre and blue-green outer rim, changing to an apple green at the tips of the crystals.

Date added: 24th August 2008 PROUSTITE

No. 7


Chile » Chanarcillo
7cm x 10cm x 5cm

A historical specimen mined in the late 1800s. This specimen was once in the Harvard mineral collection, and has been properly cared for during its life, as it has retained the fantastic bright red gemminess, and silvery lustre. The crystals are well formed in radiating clusters. A magnificent specimen.

Date added: 23rd August 2008 PYROMORPHITE

No. 6


USA » Bunker Hill Mine
10cm x 13cm x 8cm

One of the world's finest Bunker Hill Pyromorphites ever found. The form, colour and lustre are exceptional.

Date added: 22nd August 2008 SPESSARTINE GARNET on ALBITE  with BERYL

No. 5


Pakistan » Shengus
6cm x 10cm x 7cm

An unusually large and super lustrous Spessartine Garnet on Albite, measuring nearly 5cm across. The Garnet is sharply formed, its deep red colour highlighted by the snow white backdrop of the Albite. Several smaller Garnet accompany it,  as well as a slender pale blue Beryl crystal. Stunning.

Date added: 21st August 2008 ANNABERGITE

No. 4


Greece » Lavrion District Mines
4.5cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm

ex. Gerhard Grude Collection
A superb Annabergite specimen featuring a cavity richly lined with bright green gemmy crystals. The crystals form fans of sharply bladed crystals, with bright lustre.

Date added: 20th August 2008 MIMETITE

No. 3


China » Pingtouling Mine
7.5cm x 9cm x 5cm

An absolutely exceptional Mimetite, with sharp hexagonal Mimetite crystals of superb mirror-like lustre. The colour just glows from a bright yellow-orange to burnt orange. The crystals exhibit the slightly hoppered growth typical of the occurence. This is possibly the world's best cabinet size Mimetite specimen from Pingtouling.

Date added: 19th August 2008 CASSITERITE on MUSCOVITE

No. 2


China » Mt Xuebaoding
10cm x 12cm x 5cm
One of the finest Cassiterite specimens that we have ever seen . We have handled many fine Cassiterite specimens, and this one stands out as an exceptional piece. The Cassiterite is characteristic of the occurence, featuring a single large twinned crystal on a bed of Muscovite.
Date added: 18th August 2008 COBALTOAN SMITHSONITE

No. 1


Namibia » Tsumeb Mine
15cm x 13cm x 5.5cm
ex. Gerhard Grude Collection
A sizeable specimen of Cobaltoan Smithsonite from Tsumeb, with the matrix almost completely covered by bright pink rhombohedrons. The Smithsonite crystals are translucent with excellent lustre.